Lay Leadership

Pastor:  Pastor Donald DeGroat – (H) 570-646-9298


 Office Hours by appointment


Susquehanna Annual Conference Scranton Wilkes Barre District

Lay Member / Alternate Lay Member                Kim Moore / Tina Reber


Administrative Council:

Co-Chairs                           Judy Clark 

[Treasurer]                         Becky Stout

[Recording Secretary]      Joanne Stellmann

[Christian Education Director]    Judy Clark & Sally Pizzuti

[Communications]      Debbie Buchanan

[Finance Chair]                   Charles Buchanan

[Financial Secretary]      Tina Reber

[GROUP]                            Anne Carr

[Parish Nurse]              

[Safe Sanctuaries Chair]    TBA

[SPRC Chair]          Charlie Buchanan

[Trustee Chair]                   Cory Reber

[United Methodist Men]        Ted Stout

[Webmaster]            Tina Reber

[Worship & Discipleship]      Judy Clark & Tina Reber

Members at Large                Karl Swingle

Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominations):

Chair    Pastor Donald DeGroat

V. Chair            Judy Clark             

Class of 2016   Sue Klein          Anne Carr

Class of 2017   Ronda Powell    Debbie Buchanan

Class of 2018   Becky Stout      Joanne Stellmann

Finance Committee     Chair                            Charlie Buchanan

(Treasurer)                   Becky Stout

(Lay Leader)                 TBD

(Ad  Board Chair)          Judy Clark

(Financial Sec’y)         Tina Reber

At large                        TBD


Safe Sanctuaries Committee: Chair                          

Charlie Buchanan          Judy Clark        Karl Swingl            Sandy Pizzuti


Staff Parish Relations Committee: (meets at least 4 times a year)

Chair    Charlie Buchanan

Lay leader/Lay Member             Judy Clark                                

Class of 2016                           Rudy Elmquist

Class of 2017                           Charlie Buchanan

Class of 2018                           Robyn Metcalf


Stewardship Committee         


Joanne Stellman                       Charlie Buchanan          Cory Reber                   Judy clark


Trustees:         Chair     Cory Reber

V. Chair

Treasurer         Charlie Buchanan

Class of 2016                  Joanne Stellmann        

Class of 2017  Charlie Buchanan          Tim Harte

Class of 2018  Karl Swingle                    Cory Reber                    Glenn Smith


Worship & Discipleship:

Co-chairs         Judy Clark & Tina Reber

Members: Debbie Buchanan; Joanne Stellmann; Robyn Metcalf; Yannie Marshall; Linda Wahlers, Marion Crossley


Altar Guild                               Joanne Stellman           Debbie Buchanan

                                                        Altar Flowers – Tina Reber

Audit Committee                     Doug Adams                 

Certified Lay Servant              Judy Clark                    Glenn Smith

Communication/Publicity        Deb Buchanan – Tina Reber             

Communion Stewards             Robyn Metcalf              Anne Carr

Disaster Consultant                June Ejk

Director of Music                    Yannie Marshall

Historian                                    Lisa Bartorillo

Membership Secretary            Tina Reber

Memorial Fund                        Anne Carr                     Becky Stout

Nursery/Junior ChurchTBD

Parish Nurse                           TBD