Lay Leadership

Pastor:  Pastor Donald DeGroat – (H) 570-646-9298


 Lay Leader/Alternate Lay Member  Functions as the primary lay representative of the congregation.  Barbara Stanton

 Administrative Council:

Chair:  Bruce Hudson

V. Chair:

Secretary:  Wendy Martin

Treasurer:  Sue Berkery

Trustee Chair: Kyle Wruble

Membership Secretary: Abby Wruble

Adult Education:  

Financial Secretary:      Ed Ignatovich      Mike Shyna          Sally Rebyak


Lay Leadership (Nominations)  (meets at least one month before Charge Conference):

Chair:  Pastor Donald DeGroat

Lay Leader                               Barbara Stanton

Class of 2016:                          Loretta Ahlborn

Class of 2017:                          Carol Dombek

Class of 2018:                          Kim Moore


Staff-Parish Relations (meets at least 4 times a year):

Chair:   Charles Buchanan (GB)

Lay Leader/Lay Member:           Kim Moore

Class of 2016:                          Barbara Stanton

Class of 2017:                          Barbara Hudson

Class of 2018:                          Mike Shyna


Trustees (meets last Wednesday at 7 p.m.):  Vested with authority and power in matters relating to the real and personal property of the church, including the parsonage.

Chair:   Kyle Wruble

Vice Chair:   Fred Engels

Secretary:  Barbara Stanton

Treasurer:  Barbara Hudson


Class of 2016:  Sherri McKnight            Barbara Stanton

Class of 2017:  Wendy Martin                Fred Engels                  Barbara Hudson

Class of 2018:  Sharon Searfoss             Kyle Wruble


United Methodist Women (meets 2nd Wednesday at 7 p.m.):

President:  Barbara Hudson

V. President:

Secretary:  Wendy Martin

Treasurer: Julianne Clifton (with assistance from Sharon Serfass)

Regular Attendees:  Carol Dombek, Barbara Ellis, Susan Engels, Ricky Heinze, Barbara Hudson, Wendy Martin, Sherri McKnight, Abby McNeel, Shirley Muller, Sally Rebyak, Barbara Stanton

Adult Education:         

Altar Guild:                 Sue Berkery        Barbara (Boots) Swircziewski

Audit Committee:        Susan Engels                 Doug Adams

Certified Lay Servant: Kim Moore                    Barbara Stanton

Communications:        Wendy Reeder

Communion Steward:  Kim Ware                    Noelle Ware

Director of Music:       Thomas O’Lear

Finance Committee:    Kim Moore                   Barbara Hudson             Sharon Serfass

Historian:                    Sue Engels

Memorial Fund:           Barbara Ellis

Safe Sanctuaries:        Kim Moore