Taking Faith Home

“Grow the Church by Growing People in Faith”

Taking Faith Home is a faith formation resource that is updated every year.

  Key features:
        Biblically based weekly themes
        Includes a weekly prayer, Bible verse, mealtime prayer, and blessing
        Provides daily Bible readings
        Gives hands on ways to expand on each of the Four Keys for practicing faith found in all Milestones                          Ministry resources       (Caring Conversations, Devotions, Service, and Rituals and Traditions)
        Based on the Revised Common Lectionary

Scripture Verse for this Week: This text matches the weekly theme and provides a devotional anchor to your daily faith formation. Consider memorizing this verse each week.

A Prayer for the Week: Use this prayer with the Scripture for the week, the daily readings or any other part of Taking Faith Home.

Mealtime Prayer: Offering a prayer at mealtime is a foundational faith practice that blesses our daily faith formation with a spirit of thanksgiving and praise.

A Blessing to Give: Receive this blessing as a gift of the faith community to you and extend these words to loved ones in your life. By doing so you experience how you are blessed to be a blessing to others. An option would be to mark the sign of the cross on the forehead as you offer the blessing.

The Four Keys: (for practicing faith)

Caring Conversations, Devotions, Service, and Rituals and Traditions are the Four Keys for practicing faith that are the foundation to any other faith practice the church uses to nurture the Christian faith.

Caring Conversations: These conversation starters provide meaningful reflection on biblical texts and our daily lives. It helps you bond with others on the journey of faith. It also helps you in the important task of talking about your Christian faith.

Devotions: Being devoted to God’s word serves as the foundation for practicing the presence of God and blessing you with faith, hope and love. Having a special time of day to do devotions increases the regularity of this important practice in your life.

Service: Christ tells us to serve others. By living the faith in love, we learn the value and joy of the Christian faith. Serving others reminds us of the breadth of the Kingdom of God and that our faith is personal but not private. Faith motivates us to serve the world in love.

Rituals and Traditions: Symbolic actions grounded in the Christian tradition throughout the year provide a beautiful and holistic way of experiencing the grace of God. As you practice rituals and traditions, continue to use the ones that fill you with peace, passion, meaning and hope.

How does Taking Faith Home connect with others?
 By offering a table grace at mealtime with family, friends, and others
 By engaging in a meaningful moment using a caring conversation
 By encouraging others to be part of service to the world with specific service ideas
 By using the seasons of the church year with traditions people long to experience but no longer know how to do
 At an appropriate time and place, offering a blessing that brings God’s grace, mercy, peace, hope, and love into the lives of   the unsuspecting recipients

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